February 21, 2013

Changes To The Bathroom

I've been feeling like our main bathroom needed a little sprucing up.  Not much has change since I redid the space over a year ago. 
Nothing earth scattering or over the top. 
Just a quick freshening, if you will, using things I already had around the house.

First I added some new artwork like simply framed vintage postcards. 
Postcards are always such a great thing to frame don't you think?  Perfect for small spaces such as this.

The next item to address was our lack of a towel rack.  The old one use to hang over the toilet, which I was never very fond of.  A few months back, it was accidentally ripped off the wall by one of my crazy kids.

To fix the problem I hung a simple hook next to the sink and it works perfectly!
Plus,  since I'm a lover of all things simple, this seems to "fit" my style better.

I've hung my favorite lace edged hand towel on the hook. 
Which I think is the perfect combo.

I wanted to add a little more vintage charm to the space and one of the ways I did that was with the addition of a recent ironstone plate find to hold the soap.  I love it's stained, cracked finish and it works perfectly as a soap dish.

I also moved things around on the shelf creating new grouping and added my collection of pale blue glass bottles to the mix.  

All the changes were simple and easy to do.  Somehow they have made the space feel quite different and new.
What simple changes have you made lately to give your home a fresh feeling?
I'd love to hear about it.


  1. It's nice to see something new in a well used room like the bathroom, isn't it? I really like the collection of blue glass - it makes the room feel beachy. Perfect on cold days like these....

  2. Sometimes those simple changes can make so much impact. I love the old ironstone piece you are using as a soapdish. I need to do a bit of small change sprucing up here, too- xo Diana

  3. Love the ironstone dish and the turquoise bottles. I just redid my whole bedroom and reused a lot of the items I already had. Best to shop in your own home. :)


  4. I love everything about this space, Robin...and the shelves are really wonderful!

  5. So cute! I have been working on my bathroom too! Good late winter project I guess! Come over and see if you would like to add one of my vintage prints! Here is todays share.... http://brookekroeger.blogspot.com/2013/02/martha-new-vintage-card.html

  6. It is just beautiful Robin! I love the post card pics, the old plate and the little lace at the end of the towel...Blessings!

  7. Your bathroom has some great pieces and I love how you have the side shelves for storage and display. The vintage postcards in the distressed frames look pretty. I switched to towel hooks in our bathrooms when my boys were little. So much easier for my guys to hang towels and I never find them on the floor.

  8. I love your bathroom, it's very pretty. You have great style lady, everything you do appeals to me. I love your clock collection! I have not found any ever!
    Our hand towel hangs over our toilet too, I must change that~
    hugs, cindy

  9. Your bathroom is gorgeous! What a great idea to have all those shelves for storage on the side. You have them displayed beautifully and I love the postcards!


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