April 23, 2013

Junk Bonanza Finds

This year I had the privilege to attend the Junk Bonanza not just one, but two days.  Once by myself and once with my mother.  I had a wonderful time as  you can imagine looking for treasure to bring home with me.

What to see?

It was the year of the gravy boat for me it seems.  I love ironstone gravy boats and have been looking for them the pass couple of year with minimal luck.  I was delight to find I had my pick from many, many choices this year.  I came home with four in all shapes and sizes.

My newest love are ironstone butter pats.  I was able to find seven of them in two different styles.

Of course vintage clocks are always on my watch list so I was happy to find two more unlike any I already had in my collection.

When I saw this petite cast iron final I just knew I could find a place for it in my house.

Also found a tattered bible for a great price.

Picked up five milk caps to add to my collection.  I plan to frame them up and hang in my kitchen.

Mom spotted this light fixture globe which she thought I would love,  she was right.

I think it would be fun to display it on shelf along with some vintage books.

And finally, I purchase my very first vintage watering can.  It's sure to be the start of a collection.

Hope your all having a wonderful day,



  1. I have no idea what to do with the light fixture, but that is probably the neatest things I've ever seen. The oblong clock is pretty cool also. Glad you found some great stuff!

  2. score!!! i'm smitten especially with those milk tops and that watering can - yum!

    ♥ http://www.northerncottage.net

  3. I love old clocks and especially old Bibles. I should wrap some lace around one of mine! I love your style!

  4. Love your gravy boats! Very cool light fixture! You found some goodies. I didn't go, maybe this fall!
    LOVE your wire cloche!!!
    Where is our spring!!??

  5. I've been on the hunt for a good gravy boat too! And I'd never heard of butter pats. How cute!

  6. Such lovely finds. I love them all. The light fixture is so pretty!

  7. You found some really wonderful little treasures. I also love old clocks, I seldom see old clocks anywhere that I go. How fun that you went with your mom.
    Hug, cindy

  8. Gorgeous buys! I especially love the vintage clocks.

  9. Great treasures! The two days of shopping was definitely worth it!!

  10. Great finds, Robin! LOVE the look of the gravy boats!


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