August 15, 2013

Makeshift Clothes Line

We have been experiencing some delightful weather here in Minnesota lately.

The days are warm and sun filled.  The nights, clear skies and crisp, cool air.

It reminds me of the beginning of autumn when the days are still quite warm yet the nights are cool.

I adore this type of weather.  I hope it lasts for weeks, and weeks.

I've been inspired to hang my laundry outside to take advantage of the warm breeze.  Unfortunately, I have no clothes line since hubby is not a fan.

No worries,  this girl knows how to rough-it.

Simply stringing some clothesline between the tree and the porch posts makes the perfect spot to hang freshly washed clothes.  I wrapped it around the tree, then to one post, across to the other post and then back to the tree.
Now I have a three sided clothes line which holds almost two loads of laundry.

Sure it won't win any awards for best laundry line but I can't put in words the delight it has given me.  

I love everything about the process of line drying clothes.  It may seem crazy, but I love carrying the basket of wet clothes outside, I love placing each item on the line with clothes pins, I love watching the clothes flutter in the breeze, I love folding each item and hearing the cluck of the clothes pins falling into its metal bucket.

Somehow, it's almost magical.  
OK, maybe not magical but definitely delightful!

Not sure what hubby's going to say, but I'm hopping he won't notice right away.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the scent of line dried laundry and delighting in my new found love of laundry day!

Have a lovely day,



  1. Fun! I have great memories of hanging wash out to dry...

  2. I love line dried clothes too. The smell of clothing dried in the wind is one of my favorite smells and you're saving $ too!

  3. Love it! I too have a makeshift clothesline....I use it everyday to hang things on it. mI hope you have a lovely weekend.


  4. I am glad I am not the only one who loves clotheslines! I have been trying to figure out where to place a proper one in our new tiny yard (we live in the Pacific NW and have lots of evergreens in the yard, but not much sun). Until then, I have a single line strung across our patio that my son rigged for me. I just love line-dried towels!

  5. I ADORE hanging my wash out on the line. It's a job I never let anyone else do. I love the smell of the clothes fresh out of the machine, the sunshine on my face and the feeling of accomplishment when the basket is empty and everything is hung. I have a removable washing line. The pole support is cemented into the ground and the pole and line can be removed. I asked for it for my birthday last year. One of my best b-day presents ever!

  6. Great clothesline. I hated as a young girl "having" to hang laundry, but now I'd rally enjoy it. Amazing how things can turn from unwanted to simple pleasures.

  7. I know exactly what you mean, Robin! My hubby doesn't want me to have a line outside, but I have rigged up one before, too. While I'm working there is no time for that, but I do it whenever time allows. I think you get the feeling that time has slowed w-a-y d-o-w-n. You can breathe and take delight in every moment when you're doing something as basic as putting clothes on a line or taking them off.
    I'm with you, my friend!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. A posted inspired by a clothes line and a bladeless fan. Thank you again for the post. I hope you don't mind I linked back to your post which inspired mine.


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