July 28, 2014

Blog Tour

Good Morning Everyone!

This morning I am happily joining a Blog Tour that my friend Linda from Itsy Bits and Pieces passed my way.

You can check out her post from last week here if you like and maybe discover a new blog, I know I did.

If haven't already had the pleasure of knowing Linda and her blog, you are in for a treat.  

Now I am suppose to answer four questions for you today so lets get started.

1. What am I working on?

Phew!  I have so many projects going right now I'm beginning to think I'm a crazy person.  To highlight a few, I'm working on a bedroom makeover, sewing a quilt, building a plate rack and two embroidery projects.  I have a long list of upcoming projects I'd like to get started on also.

2. How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Truth be told, I'm not overly concerned about being original.  

I just try to stay true to my style of a simple, clean look with a limited color palette. Working in vintage or re-purposed finds wherever possible to keep things looking interesting.

I adore a rooms filled with light, decorated in light colors with pops of an accent color thrown around the room to make it look cozy.  The contrast between the light background colors and the vibrant accent color is so comforting and energizing to me.
As I work on projects, keeping the image in my head of how I want it to look in a room keeps me focused on staying true to my style.

This focus on what I enjoy is all I am concerned about to tell you the truth.  I make things to fit my tastes and hopefully someone out there will like it too when I hit the publish button!

3. Why to I write / create what I do?

The hands on approach of searching for treasures, re-purposing them and finally displaying them in a room is such an enjoyable and rewarding process.  It's something I can't seem to get enough of and I know there are alot of you just like me out there.

On the other hand, creating something new from a pile of supplies like a new quilt is it's own reward.  

Being able to share my creations through blogging is sort of like when I was a little kid and just finished with a new drawing or coloring page.  I'd dash off to show mom and her praise of my project gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of delight.  I get the same thrill when people comment on a current project of mine.  Truth be told, I would most likely be doing the same things even if I didn't blog but blogging about my projects tends to keep me motivated to work on more.  Forcing me to find time to create and finish projects amid kids activities and mountains of laundry.  LOL.

4.  How does your writing / creating process work?

Ha, I have to laugh at this question simple because I'm not sure that I have a creative process at all unless you call it a list.

You see, I keep this notebook next to my computer and in it I have a running list of all the projects and idea's that pop into my head that I want to accomplish. 

If for instance one project is to build a new display shelf I'll find an open page in the notebook and draw a quick sketch of what I want.  I'll add notes like where I want to hang it, what color to paint it along with measurements and a supply list if I know I don't have the materials on hand to complete the project.

Whenever I feel the need to start a new project I check my list and see what tickles my fancy on that particular day.  Simple projects like "paint thrift store mirror" are quick and easy and need no instructions.  More complicated projects like building a new shelf I'll simple consult the page I made for the project, run to the store for supplies and get to work.

Now for the fun part. 

 It' my turn to introduce some of my favorite blogs for you to check out.

But first a confession... apparently I am unable to read a calendar correctly. 

 When I first agreed to participate in this blog tour I knew that I was leaving for a week long camping trip with the family the following day.
After a quick glance at the calendar it looked like I had a week at home before the family and I once again had a week long reunion/vacation planned.  

As it turns out . . . I only had three days to get ready to depart again.
Needless to say, blogging sort of took a spot at the bottom of the to-do list.
Because of this I have not had time to line up a group of ladies willing to participate.

So I thought I'd do things a little differently . . . hopefully I'll be forgiven for switching things up.

Here's what I'll do.  

Below I'm going to list three blogs that have been an big influence on me of late to hopefully share the inspiration.  If any of the wonderfully talented ladies I've list would like to continue this tour they are more than welcomed to prepare a post for next Monday, August 4th.

Ok, here goes...

Pam at House of Hawthornes

House of Hawthornes

I love her quick wit that always has me laughing not to mention the fabulous finds she has an uncanny skill at detecting while stopping by thrift stores, tag and estate sales.  I'm constantly drooling over the things she brings home (most often wishing I had gone with her, LOL)  Pam not only has amazing skills at finding great finds she also uses them in unique and fun way that more often than not have we wondering why I never thought of that.  Plus the lady likes vintage camera's and typewritters - - enough said!

Susan at Evelyn and Rose
Evelyn and Rose
Susan has a style all her own that seems so effortless and timeless.  I love her collections and how she uses them to make beautiful displays to fill her home.  Plus she's not afraid to add a little whimsy in her decorating, which is charming and adds to the character of her rooms.


Vibeke at Vibeke Design

I discovered Vibeke's blog a little over six months ago and I am still blown away by her styling every single time I stop by her blog.  Her take on Scandinavian style is so fresh and inviting it is nothing short of inspiring and her photos are gorgeous.  I have found myself studying many of her photos trying to pick out my favorite detail (which I must say is very hard to do) and am often left wondering how on earth she would have thought to but together such an arrangement.  She is so talented.


  1. Ahhh so lovely - feel like I know you even a tad bit better - happy day you friend!!

  2. I loved reading more about you, Robin...what you're up to, and how you work! I have one of those notebooks, too...you've inspired me to use it more often! Love the beautiful blogs you've chosen!

  3. I love your notebook idea with a sketch of what you have in mind. I might just copy that!

    I too am in love with Vibeke. I could look at her photos for hours.

  4. I enjoyed your tour, Robin. I'm always very inspired by Vibeke's gorgeous photos too!

  5. So funny to click in at your blog and see that you have found one of my favourite blogs too.
    Vibeke Design is a lovely blog. She takes the most georgeous pictures.
    In the blog world its a little easyer to travel around the world,
    so a little blog tour is a good idea. I often do some blog-jumping myself.
    I also have a blog bruktogblandet.blogspot.no You can check it out if you want to.
    Sorry for bad english, but I an from Norway and doesent write English werry often.
    Love your blog to.
    Hugs from Marit in Norway

  6. Robin! I thought I'd lost you when I deleted my old blog ... today I was on my Pinterest boards and realized I had a board dedicated to your blog so I found you! Missing your posts, going off to catch up now. Hope you're having a great fun summer!

  7. Your home is absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing the smiles this morn!! Have a GREAT day.
    House Design


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