July 23, 2014

Garden Delights

Does anyone else feel like summer is flying by to fast?

Between vacations, reunions, lacrosse and kid activities I feel like I'm gone more than I'm home.  Luckily, only one more week of activities are planned for the summer and then I'll get a breather.

When things are getting a little to hectic for me there is nothing like walking out to the garden and picking a bucket full of weeds to clear my head and calm my nerves.  
I enjoy every second I spend working in my garden.  With our slow start this past spring, blooming times are a little behind schedule but the garden is finally starting to look colorful and pretty.  

The past couple of years have been transition years in my backyard garden as I've been removing plants I didn't care for and adding to the ones I like.  The plan is to have only those plants that I adore included in the garden in big chunks of space. Our nasty winter last year did a number on the garden but it seems to be bouncing back pretty well even with the bare spots from poor plants that didn't survive.

 Happily, all my waiting seems to be paying off as the plan in my head is emerging into reality.  I still need to add a few more plants to fill in empty spaces but all that will come in time.  Like any gardener knows - - it's all a process.

A few days before the family and I felt on our vacation I quickly snapped some photos of the garden to share with you.  

Hope you enjoy.

In the veggie garden things are progressing nicely.
(don't mind the weeds, LOL)

My poor fence is looking like it needs a little TLC.  
I'll have to add it to the August To-Do list.

I'm growing bunches of pumpkins this year in hopes of having plenty to decorate with come autumn.

As always, my little helper is nearby to keep me company.

In the main garden, flowers are blooming with more on the way very soon.

I can not wait for the grouping of phlox to start blooming.
Phlox are one of my favorite flowers and they smell so good.

They are all sporting healthy looking buds - - it won't be much of a wait now.

It's always fun to find new plants blooming. 
Here are a few that have started in the past couple of weeks, or are on the verge of showing their pretty colors.


Hope you all have a wonderful day

bye now,



  1. A beautiful garden. Such great color and I love the raised beds. My garden is pathetic. In fact I have no garden at all unless you count the weed that seem to be flourishing. I'm hoping to remedy this in the fall.

  2. So pretty, Robin! Love the wonderful cottage feeling! Mine is taking a lot of work this year...so many weeds with all the rain...

  3. Your garden is thriving Robin! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Robin, this is just beautiful.... I would love for you to share it at the Home Sweet Garden Party!

    See the post here ---->>>

  5. What a lovely garden you've created, Robin! Now I wish I had taken more than the picket gate when our daughter took her fence down. She posted it on Craig's list for free and it was gone within the hour!

    Our red fence peels every year, so I'm going to embrace the rustic look of it. :)

  6. Gorgeous!!! How very beautiful everything looks! How I love the big bucket of flowers. I can look at your garden, and your beautiful home all day. It makes me happy!
    Garden Ponds Design


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