August 14, 2014

Catching Up


The past month has been a whirl-wind around here.

One activity after the other - - in full go-go-go mode.

The past two weeks has been our final round of planned activities for the summer.  

First off was a three day family reunion in a beautiful little town in Wisconsin called New Glarus.

The town square is beautiful maintained and I just loved the designs in the grass. 

The town had a charming downtown area with festive shops and dinning. 
 All over town, dressed in different outfits you'd find these . . . cute right.

I did have time to stop into one antiques store to do a little shopping. 

I found a cow bell.

Very excited about this bell, I've been wanting one for ages.

And I also found a cast iron, three legged deer. 

Loved him on sight, missing leg and all.

New Glarus sits surrounded on all sides by beautiful farm country.  
The views were gorgeous.

As was the home we all gathered at.  A long time friend of the family graciously offered to host the reunion.  
Their home is surrounded by wildflowers . . . .

And beautiful gardens . . . 

Complete with a water feature and pickleball court.

Here's the whole group of us.

One of the uncles rented a farmhouse to stay at instead of a hotel and the farmer was kind enough to take the time to let the kiddos milk cows and help feed them.  They thought it was awesome!

We all had a fantastic time, and it was so good to catch up with family member's we hadn't seen in years.

After the reunion, a smaller group of us headed to Wisconsin Dells to spend a few days.  We went to Noak's Ark, drove go-carts, and took a duck boat tour.

After Wisconsin Dell's, we headed home just in time for the two of my girls to participate in the State Lacrosse Tournament, which marked the end of their Lacrosse season.

Both teams played hard, after a combined six games in two days Zoe's team took second place and Emily's team took first place!  

Also, while we were away, my poor, smashed-up truck was in the shop getting all fixed up.

She's looking better than ever now!

So there you have it.  
That's what I have been up to the past two weeks.
All that, and of course digging myself out of a mountain of laundry.  LOL.

I am so looking forward to getting back to blogging.  I finally feel like I have the time to spend on it.
I promise, starting next week I'll be back in the swing of things here at Happy at Home.

See you soon, 



  1. Looks like a fun trip! My family did the Wisconsin Duck tour! It was a riot!

  2. You have been having a wonderful summer! The family reunion must have been fun! New Glarus looks like an interesting stop and I love your finds! Great family photos!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I miss our family reunions. The photos in this post are amazing. I especially love the silo one. Great job with the camera!

  4. Hi Robin! What a fun, busy summer. Such beautiful surroundings. It looks so beautiful & peaceful there. ~~~I'm Carolyn from the old blog Simple Southern Cottage. I can no longer access my old blogs and Blogger will not help me whatsoever. And it's all because of issues between Google/Blogger and Yahoo. I finally just gave up and started a new blog. I am in the process of moving old posts to my new one. I hope you will visit me .


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