March 4, 2015

A Hankering For . . . A Chippy Door

I have always loved the look of doors propped up against a wall as an accent piece - Don't you?

It's simple and pretty  - - what's not to like.

I have finally figured out the perfect place to use one in my house  - - now I just have to find one!

In the meantime, I'll drool over pretty photos of perfectly styled rooms that have used doors to perfection.

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FARMHOUSE 5540: Chippy Door and French Linens

Rustic & pretty, but the rusty chair is impractical, as it would snag clothing.  To preserve the authenticity of the vintage paint, the chair could be slipcovered to make it usable--if used indoors.  This seems to be a shabby chic outdoor vignette, in which case the chair will likely continue to rust.


Dining room. White, Grey, Black, Chippy, Shabby Chic, Whitewashed, Cottage, French Country, Rustic, Swedish decor Idea. ***Pinned by oldattic ***

chippy door, vintage suitcases, old books

Cottage Fix - living room with chippy paint door and starry twinkle lights

Yep! There is no doubt,  a chippy door is in my future.

Bye now,



  1. I have used old doors numerous times and they definitely helped to fill up some space. Can't wait to see where you put yours! Have a great day!

  2. I just found a shop that sells all kids of chippy doors and now my wheels are turning figuring out where to put one!

  3. Love these Robin!!! I am on the lookout for more doors as well!!!!

  4. Do you have a Restore in your area.....sometimes they have them. It won't be cheap....but you might find one there.

  5. I love your inspiration ideas! Hope you find that perfect door - can't wait to see! xo K

  6. I used to live in an old turn of the century house that had a smallish door in the shop next to the garage. I brought it inside and decoupaged it. I sold it at a garage sale when we moved, and have regretted it ever since. Hope you find your door!

  7. loooove your pictures!!!!! angie

  8. Hi Robin, the door I used wasn't originally chippy so I sanded it down to get the look. I love the look of the heavily chippy doors you've found online though. Makes me want to distress mine even more. Good luck with your treasure hunt!
    xo Sally

  9. i love chippy doors, too! hope you find some soon, robin! thanks for sharing one of mine:)

  10. Such lovely inspiration photos! I love this look, too!

  11. Hi Robin,
    I have chippy doors all over my house and love them all. Love the character and history they bring. Hope you find a sweet door or two for your home too. You will love it.


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