March 2, 2015

Cheerful Red For the Kitchen

If you've stopped by often enough over the years I'm sure you recall how much I adore the color combo of red and white.

It always looks so pretty and fresh to me.

My favorite room in the house to use them together is in the kitchen.

When I gave the kitchen a makeover a while back,  I loved the pops of red against all the fresh new white.  Bits of black served as a accent color.

Not much has change since.

The urge to change things up a bit and add more red came not long after I shared with you the two quilt blocks that I'd framed to hang in the kitchen.

I needed MORE Red!

So I've been playing with new displays . . . 

Keeping just touches of black here and there, like the photo frames, to keep the an accent color going and tie in with the hardware on the cabinet doors.

The red is working it's magic!
The space feels brand new and fresh.
So of course I looked for more ways to add even more red.

A touch on the small shelf over by my workstation.

This red tin was a recent find that add's that "pop" I'm looking for!

Along with this vintage postcard I've had for years, the two add just the right touch of red to this corner of the kitchen.

Over by the sink, I've kept the red striped valance that I made from Ikea dishtowels and added a new rug to the floor.

Found this beauty at Target and fell for it hard and fast!

On the windowsill behind the sink I've kept the arrangement I put together for Heart Day until I can come up with something else I like.

The final area I'd like to give a new look to is the open cupboards over my the range.
Back at the time of the makeover it looked like this.

It hasn't change much since other than the decorative items have been replace with more everyday items.

I'm currently on the look out for some serving dished and platters with a red and white theme.

I think that would be the perfect final touch to this space.

Hope you all have a great day.


  1. I love the touches of red. It looks so nice. Kathy

  2. Oh yes! I am loving the red in your kitchen and eating area. Gorgeous!

  3. Red has always been a favorite pop of color for me. Maybe having been married to a firefighter (retired captain now) has something to do with it.

    Your displays are so charming.

  4. I too love red and white in the kitchen. Of course of late, I've been adding lots of other colors. Soon will get to the kitchen.

  5. The red certainly adds to your kitchen!

  6. Your red and white colors are so charming and cheerful, Robin! I love the look!

  7. Robin, your kitchen is so homey and inviting. I just love it! Love the pops of red that you are adding. The rug looks like it was made for your kitchen. Just wondered about something.....what do you think of painting the clothes pins red, and maybe painting the back walls of the cupboards over the stove red? Your kitchen really inspires me. Liz

  8. Hi Robin ~ Your red and white in the kitchen looks amazing! It does look fresh and full of vintage charm. I love your quilting squares, the cow platter and that old chippy scale! Thanks for the inspiration... ~julie

  9. That shelf of yours makes me so happy! The pops of red are just so cheery! All your lovely red accents must perk up the deary winter days! That new rug is so darling!

  10. Robin! I love all the pops of red and white and the vintage pieces in your kitchen:) Love your vintage scale by your kitchen window...I am moving mine in front of my kitchen windows right now:) - Tara

  11. Robin,
    Thank you for sharing your charming kitchen at my party this week...luv the "pop" of red!


  12. I love your red accents in your charming kitchen, Robin! It's just enough to make a statement without overwhelming. Your bright reds also make the rest of your kitchen look very fresh and crisp!
    Mary Alice

  13. Hi Robin, your kitchen is darling!! I love the additional pops of red you added. I agree with Mary Alice, it really does have a fresh crisp look. So pretty!
    xo Sally

  14. Robin, I LOVE your kitchen! It would be wonderful If you stopped by and shared on the Something to Talk About link party! @

  15. Hi Robin, your kitchen is so wonderful...I just love all your sweet red touches! I recently changed over to red and white - inspired by you! You are such an inspiration! Hope your week is lovely xo K

  16. I LOVE your red touches and you could leave the hearts for they represent YOU, LOVE, and your love of the color RED and those know ALL SEASONS of your life, not just Valentine's Day!

  17. Such a lovely blog with loads of good pics;)
    Have a lovely evening;)

  18. Robin, thank you for inspiring us with your lovely kitchen! Can you share the name of your wall paint color with us? It's a perfect creamy, buttery white! Please share :-)

  19. Robin, thank you for inspiring us with your lovely kitchen! Can you share the name of your wall paint color with us? It's a perfect creamy, buttery white! Please share :-)

  20. What a lovely red in your kitchen! Have a nice weekend... Alexandra


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