June 4, 2015

The Springtime Hutch

The hutch in the Living Room received a little TLC this week.

I wanted it to match the bright and cheerful look of the rest of the room for spring.

I keep my arrangement's as simple and uncluttered as I could . . . 

And I think it matches the rest of the room quite nicely.

You'll see I focused mostly on added a touches of blue to the space.

Not that I didn't want to include some pink as well . . . 

But pink is a new color for me to be using (in the past I've never been interested in it) and I simply don't have much in that color to decorate with.

Pink or no pink, I think I it turned out nicely and matches the rest of the room very well.

If you missed my Living Room post you can check it out here!

Have a great day now,



  1. Such a pretty display of white and blue! I love the old blue mason jars. I just gave one of the large ones to my daughter.

  2. Like the blues Robin....love from me Ria ...x!

  3. It is lovely, Robin! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love pink! But the blue is so lovely as well. Especially the three plates and the little picture behind it!

  5. How beautiful! The blue and white are so fresh and cheerful. The blue books are so nice, too! Lovely!

  6. Your springtime hutch is fresh and lovely. Simple and perfect.


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