November 3, 2015


You all know how much I enjoy my battery operated pillar candle with timers!

They are fantastic!

I love them, and use them in almost every room of the house to add a cozy touch.

I have been on the lookout for votive sized ones for ages . . . ages I tell you.

Until yesterday, they have been elusive!

But no longer.

This is a BIG deal for me.

So of course I had to share . . . 

I found them in the holiday section of Fleet Farm of all places!

I even squealed a little bit after I had reread the package at least three time - - unable to believe it was real!

My sister thought I'd lost my marbles (maybe you do too!), 

Never thought such a small thing would make me so happy!

bye now,



  1. When you find something you love, big or small, it's exciting! :-)

  2. How fun Robin. It is the little things like this that makes us the happiest. I have seen these in all sizes and even tapers. They are the best candles.

  3. Robin - more often that not, the little things mean the most to us. I love those candles. I can't do the scented candles because of allergies and always worry about the real ones with the little ones, so those are just perfect.


  4. I love them too and your right, the votive size is elusive!

  5. It's fun to finally find something you've been looking for. These are great and the candle holder is pretty too. I love the bling!

  6. I haven't tried the battery powered candles yet. Lately I'm bringing home just plain ones from the dollar store. Flameless seem like a good idea for the holidays though with all the fresh greenery around. Love your sweet little holder!

  7. I LOVE the battery candles with timers!! Alas, Fleet Farms does not sell them on their website :^(
    I have found a good stock of the larger ones at Dollar General, so they will have to do for me!! My nosy Posie cat would set the house on fire with any real candle.
    Thank you for your great posts, and yes finding something you want is a GREAT thing!!
    Christmas blessings to you,


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