November 2, 2015

New Pillow Covers

Good Morning!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!

The family and I had a nice relaxing weekend at home together which is sort of rare thing these days.

Found some time to work on a few sewing projects this past weekend which was amazing.  It's been a while since I've had the sewing machine out and I have been missing it.

I was able to sew two new slipcovers for my Ikea pillows . . .

This project has been on my to - do list for ages - - - you know the type that sits there and mocks you because it's been waiting so long!  

Yeah, not cool!

Sure is nice to finally be able to cross it off the list. . . 

Doesn't hurt that they turned out pretty fabulous either!

The pillow covers themselves are just a simple envelope style cover that I have shown you a tutorial on in the past. . . you can take a look here if you' like details.

Otherwise, I took little bit of time and made a quick video tutorial this time around,

You can watch below if you'd like...

A very quick and easy way to change things up a little!


  1. They turned out great! I can totally relate to projects waiting to get done. I am eagerly awaiting pulling out my sewing machine too. I have a couple of larger projects to finish first though. I'll be looking at your video which is something else I've been thinking of doing. Visiting from Amaze Me Monday. Enjoyed my visit. Will be back! Diane

  2. Robin - Great pillow covers. Look amazing.


  3. Those are wonderful. Robin...I love the great faded look...

  4. Beautiful Robin. Love the muted colors so pretty.

  5. I can't sew, don't even own a machine, and yet I watched the entire tutorial! I'm always impressed by the talent of others. The slipcovers turned out perfect.


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